Its a glory for most motorcycle enthusiasts when they contemplate restoring their old motorcycle. Especially if the bike you are working on is rare, with no manuals or parts available. However, a long process requiring dedication, patient, organization, mechanical skills, and some tooling.

Motorcycle restoration is an old motorcycle that has been rebuilt exactly the way its manufacturer first assembled it at the factory. Even though it has become commonplace today to restore old motorcycle to conditions that far exceed what the motorcycle was like when it first rolled off the assembly line. If you are trying to decide whether you want to undertake a motorcycle restoration here’s our take on the subject to help you selecting the type of motorcycle to restore.

Antique Motorcycle

motorcycle restoration
Brough-Superior-SS100 1940

Based on the year the bike was created, the term antique motorcycle must be more than 35 years old, no matter they come from. The most of them are the legendary in motorcycle history. How we restored it ? The mechanical and physical condition of the vehicle, including brakes, lights, glass and appearance, must be the same or as safe as originally equipped. Generally, an antique motorcycle only be used for exhibition purposes, like parades and shows.



Classic Motorcycle
yamaha xs 650

Classic Motorcycle

When does the classic era of motorcycles start? The definition of a classic motorcycle can be a little fluid, but typically you’re looking at bikes which are aged 15 years or more. There’s many British bikes, such as Triumph, Norton, BSA, Matchless, Royal Enfield, and Vincent. Classic Japanese motorcycles include Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. In the European corral there is BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, and Laverda.

Vintage Motorcycle

A vintage motorcycle can also mean that it’s just old. Being the most general term, many antiques and classics will be called vintage as well, but not all vintage bikes can be called classic or antique. It’s important to remember that a vintage motorcycle is not necessarily collectible.

So which is your motorcycle that you want to restore? If it’s all original looking and old, it’s probably a classic. If it’s customized and old, it’s most likely vintage. If it’s more than 35 years old, it’s definitely antique.


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