Keep Garments Clean with a Lab Coat

If you are a professional working in the medical field, then keeping your garments clean is essential while examining patients in a dental office or hospital. Dickies lab coats are available in a variety of sizes, colors and fabrics to wear over your street clothes while working in a medical facility or physician’s office. A lab coat is designed of washable and dryable cotton-polyester blend fabric that does not require ironing to remove wrinkles. You can choose a lab coat that has deep side or chest pockets to hold notepads, pens and medical instruments such as stethoscopes.

Teachers Need Lab Coats

Lab coats are created for several types of medical employees, including physicians, surgeons and pharmacists, but these garments are great for other professionals who need to protect their clothing while in a work environment. If you are a teacher who is helping students with an art project, then wearing a lab coat over your daily clothing can prevent stains from paint or glue. You can store supplies such as pencils and glue sticks in the pockets to avoid needing to return to your desk several times while teaching students.

Colorful or White Fabrics

If you are a scientist working in a laboratory, then wearing a lab coat while you mix chemicals or conduct experiments can protect a shirt and slacks from damage. A lab coat makes you highly visible to others who are looking for the person in charge of the laboratory, especially if you choose a plain white design. White lab coats are the most popular because this color of fabric is easy to wash in hot water with bleach to remove discolorations or destroy pathogens, but there are other colors and designs available. Registered nurses or dental assistants like to wear colorful lab coats that match or complement the rest of a uniform.

Have Extra Lab Coats Available

Medical workers who work with children often select lab coats that have cartoon characters or animal prints to keep youngsters from being afraid during procedures. There are lab coats available in heavyweight fabrics to provide warmth when working in a colder environment, or you might prefer a lightweight lab coat in the summer. It is a good idea to have several lab coats at work inside a storage locker in case the one you are wearing gets dirty during your shift.