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Harajuku Street Fashion

Japan has become the center of street fashion in asia. Trends come and go at lightning speed in Japan. The heart and soul of the Japanese street fashion is Harajuku. Today every single day of the year, tens of thousands of people come here to shop, hang out, and see what the latest trends are. It’s also one of the world’s fashion centers just like Paris, Milan or New York.
Harajuku’s start as a center of fashion and youth culture came after World War II. Harajuku is located in Meiji Jingu Mae **1, in Shibuya ward, Tokyo. In this Harajuku street, you can find many stores that sell the unique clothes which represent the Harajuku trend. The district’s other main drag, Takeshita Street, is the focal point for gatherings every Sunday by Japanese youth dressed in the many different styles of Harajuku culture. And for many people around the world who are interested in fashion, the lesser known styles and subcultures of Japan are becoming more widely recognized.

1. Lolita
Lolita is one of the most popular new Japanese subcultures, and has begun to appear in countries across the world. It is also known as the Harajuku Kawaii (cuteness) Fashion, girls wearing victoria-ear inspired clothes. However, the concept in Lolita is not about being cute in the male’s perspective, but to encourage girls to stay true and be “kawaii” from girls’ perspectives. Typical items include cupcake-layered skirts, bonnets and headdresses, rocking horse shoes, parasols, petticoats, and frilled knee socks.


2. Gyaru
Gyaru is a huge uproar of girly-glam style #yolo, breaking all the rules of “what’s pretty”, and dwelling in a party of man-made beauty (wigs, fake lashes, fake nails etc). Gyaru also is heavily inspired by Western features/fashion. Some popular gyaru icons are Tsubasa Masuwaka, Aina Tanaka, Kumicky, Kaoru Watanabe,and Saurian. The origin of gyaru dates all the way back to 1972 when girls started wearing Wrangler jeans, centered around the Parco of Shibuya in Tokyo. Over the last 45 years, the fashion became more bold and daring, and then now is becoming more subtle. Starting in the early 1990s and hitting a new peak around 2010, gyaru have existed in one form or another for two decades. harajuku
3. Yankii
The yankii borrow some of their style from gyaru and gyaruo, but their clothes and hair aren’t what set them apart. Less a style of dress than a social phenomenon, the yankii have long been the boogeyman of contemporary. Yanki have been around since the 1950s. Their style has changed over the years. In the past 15 years, yanki styles have been heavily influenced by Japanese hip hop.Yankii

4. Visual Kei
Aspects of visual kei style have even infiltrated regular fashion, as regular young Japanese women wear flouncy scarves in their hair and young men wear ass-hugging jeans. Visual Kei is a fashion movement that began with Japanese Musicians such as D’erlanger, X Japan, Color, and Bick-Tick, in the early 1980’s.

visual key
5. Decora Kei
Decora-Kei means “decoration style”. You wear as many accessories and layers as possible. Decora is about creating an aura of childlike playfulness or cuteness with layers, bright colours and kilos of jewelry.



Popular items in Decora include Hello Kitty and Pokemon merchandise, bright plastic jewelry, coloured hair clips and bobbles and fuzzy boots.


Indonesian Batik Art

Batik is a traditional great art craft from Indonesia. It is not clear precisely which peoples discovered that portions of a material could be impregnated with wax to create intricate dye patterns. But in South-East Asia especially in Indonesia, batik was elevated to a genuine art form, through the most notably on the island of Bali and above all Java, which is renowned for producing the most beautiful, finely crafted batiks in the world. The United Nations has decided to recognize Indonesian batik as one of the world’s important cultural traditions.batik
The batik process produces a design on textiles through the use of a dye-resist, usually wax, which prevents the dye from penetrating the covered areas of the fabric, thus creating a pattern in negative. Batik is usually done on good-quality cotton fabric, although silk can be used.

Hand-drawn Batik



Hand-drawn batik whose technique in making motif is painting manually with the touch of very high art and the color restraint (wax) is applied on the cloth by way similar to writing (using “canting”). The canting is dipped into a pot of hot wax and then allowed to flow through the spout on to the fabric. The fabric is hung over the frame . On thicker fabrics the waxing is carried out on both sides. This process is carried out by the women. The motifs of traditional court batik have symbolic meanings. batik Some designs are restricted: larger motifs can only be worn by royalty; and certain motifs are not suitable for women, or for specific occasions. In general, the process of hand-drawn batik is very slow and time consuming. Fine quality handmade batik is very expensive and the production of such works is very limited.

Cap Batik

batik-capThe other way to making batik is “cap batik”. “Cap batik” is a stamp for making batik, these cap are made from hundreds of pieces copper arranged to create a picture or pattern. Sometimes cap are welded between two grids like pieces of copper that will make a base for the top and the applying wax with cap bottom. The block is cut in half at the center so the pattern on each half is identical. Cap vary in size and shape depending on the pattern they are needed for. It is seldom that a cap will exceed 24 cm in diameter, as this would make the handling too difficult. The cap are a work of art in themselves. The stamps dipped into a pan of hot wax and pressed on to the fabric. This enables the design to be repeated many times and is usually done on both sides of the fabric by men.

Combines Batik

Combines both techniques on one cloth. First the main design is waxed with a cap, then the batiker adds details with the canting. Combines Batik is priced in the mid-range.

Batik is a craft that has high artistic value and has become part of the culture of Indonesia (especially Java) since long. Javanese women in the past made their skills in batik for a living, so in the past, batik work is exclusively women’s work and it’s not something special, it’s just what you wear everyday. Now men and women often wear traditional batik for special occasions only.

Finding Your Exclusive And Beautiful Cute Dress Wear

Cocktail dresses are available in many designs and varied colors that you could literally be spoilt with regards to making the best choice. Towns and communities we reside in have different tastes and thus you will need to put that into account when having your dress wear.

Never pull bad stunts in cocktail occasions simply because they could make you distasteful. Major designs for affordable cocktail dresses are elaborate mixtures, silk and sheath. For that mixtures, there are several created using peacock down, Swarovski deposits along with other types of ornament? Some designs such as the ornate establishment will always be made in this stylish means by to make certain the family and friends in the cocktail can invariably notice both dress and also the lady putting on it.Cocktail dresses

These dresses are similar to other clothes, which means you can’t ever exhaust the styles and modifications. You could go for various kinds of necklines (V-neck is most preferred) or apply for one with masturbator sleeves of various measures. Tubes and halters also vary. Cute cocktail dresses (in Polish “Sukienki Koktajlowe”) in addition have a sense of color. An artist will go beyond rainbow in the palest reds towards the greatest indigo.

Dress wear colors always depend onto the skin color because of that , fashion is definitely about understanding that you’re first and you’ll understand it properly. The occasion also talks a great deal about the kind of color you need to put on. For instance, for proms you could choose purple or pink cheap evening dresses that are largely feminine colors. However, you will have to choose blue or yellow when ending up in partners. Beautiful Cute Dress Wear

Black is definitely the very best color. It can make cute cocktail dresses best for several reasons. It is usually thought that black includes a slimming impact on ladies so if you’re a rather full figured and you’re on black, then individuals will help you to become slightly slim. Despite the fact that all lady dimensions are celebrated lean, slim and healthy are simply awesome.

Sometimes you could just be faced with a big dilemma when attempting to find the perfect special occasion dresses for that party. All that you should know is the fact that longer but slender dresses will certainly cause you to look elderly since the dresses will always be designed for individuals to begin to see the contour of the body. Dress skirts are extremely cute as well as the best selections for individuals who would like show the legs. However, you should also bear in mind that showing lots of skin isn’t a good factor to complete.

Interior Creating, Fashion Creating And Photography Classes Are The Latest Craze


You will find assortments of educational institutes which endow you with stupendous interior creating courses. Before you make a decision, you need to self evaluate your interest, penchants, etc.

The connotation of your practice in the modern occasions of advancement and condition from the art technologies has substantially snowballed right into a mammoth issue. The ease of access of a variety of courses on the vast multiplicity of specializations has opened up many a door to career options, that have been earlier considered as not too worthy types. A few of the courses that have been earlier uncommon, but they are more and more becoming more popular are: – interior creating courses, fashion creating courses and photography courses.

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